As Christmas Draws Near

As we draw near to the Christmas celebration, it is important to put the birth of Jesus into its rightful context. We cannot really understand the meaning of the incarnation – that moment when God became human and took on flesh – unless we understand the whole story of God’s plan of salvation. The birth of Jesus was not an isolated event. It is a significant part of a much bigger plan in which God seeks to bring the whole of creation into wholeness and oneness through the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ.

The birth of Jesus at Christmas time was a significant moment in this plan of God, and so as we gather at the manger, we remember that God is bringing all of creation into loving intimacy with God.

What does it mean for you to celebrate Christmas with this eternal perspective? How does God’s salvation of the universe connect with God’s gift of salvation to you today?

Your Spiritual Discipline

One of the most profound ways for us to experience what it means to be saved is to connect with God’s salvation in the lives of others and in our world. This means that we seek to become channels of God’s grace and healing to others. Today, look for every opportunity to share God’s saving and healing grace with others today, and, as you do, experience the power of God’s grace anew in your own life.


As I share your saving grace with the world, O God, so I experience a touch of grace in my own life again.

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