Your Spiritual Practice

Your Heart’s Desire

As you begin to prepare your prayer, pause for a few moments and focus on your breathing. Take several deep breaths. Be aware of God’s loving presence within you.

And the crowds asked him [John the Baptist], “What then should we do?” Luke 3:10

In our attempts to do the right thing, we often ask this question of others. We want clear answers to life’s confusing questions. That’s understandable. But when we ask ourselves this question, the answer can lead us to our heart’s desire. Have you yet pondered your heart’s desire? For it is there that we can hear the voice of God guiding us. We need not look outside of ourselves, but in the depths of our own hearts.

Clearing away all the interior clutter, can I name my heart’s desire?

O God, my divine guide, sometimes I forget that you are right here, now. I forget that you have graced me with your holy insight, if I but open myself to its possibility and say yes. I say yes this moment.

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