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An epiphany is a moment of sudden inspiration or insight. This celebration of Epiphany is meant to take our insight into who Jesus is even deeper. Jesus invites us to become wise and insightful by listening to, and implementing, his teaching. Those who follow the ways of Jesus are like lamps that are placed in prominent places so
that their light can fill the room. Those who obey the teachings of Jesus are considered to be his family.

Once again, we are invited to recognize that we are also “little incarnations” of God. As Jesus is the light of the world, so are we. As the life of Jesus fills and directs us, so
we are united with Jesus as the family of God. Notice that Jesus calls us to pay attention to how we hear. It’s possible to listen to his teaching, agree with it, even claim to believe it, but for it to have no impact on our lives at all.

In this case, the wisdom of Christ just creates confusion for us – it’s like our
understanding is lost, because what we think and what we do are at odds with each other. But when we put what we’ve learned into practice, then we have really learned it and our thinking and actions become one. This is what makes us wise and enables us to reflect Christ to the world.

We have become so focused on the idea of evangelism as speaking to people and getting them to agree to certain ideas. But for Jesus it’s always about how we live. Evangelism is not about words, so much as about the message of our whole lives. The goal is not to “convert” people to a religion, but to enable people to encounter Christ in us in such a way that they, too, begin to orient their lives around Jesus’ teaching and mission.

Today, try to proclaim Jesus by letting your light shine in small acts of grace and
compassion, rather than by preaching or persuading.

Help me to shine your truth through the way I live my life, Jesus.

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