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Two metaphors are used for God’s relationship with God’s people. The first is the relationship between parent and child, and the second is the relationship between spouses. The Scriptures often use these metaphors because we know and understand these relationships, and they can be doorways to understanding God’s love for us.

This is part of the reason why Jesus’ first miraculous sign in John’s Gospel was the
changing of water to wine at the wedding in Cana. When we reflect on how we love our children and our spouses, we can catch a glimpse of how God loves us. The people of God were on a destructive path. They had turned away from the ways of God, and had begun to practice the worship of idols, which often included sexual orgies.

The prophet Jeremiah called this a “delusion”, and it resulted in the loss of everything for God’s people. But, in God’s love, God continued to call the people back to God’s ways of integrity and grace.

Today, we face the same delusional temptations – to follow the ways of our own wisdom, or of pleasure and immediate gratification. And many of us know the pain and loss that results from following this course. When God calls us back to God’s ways, this is because they are the ways of life – of joy, peace, connection and love.
Today, make time to reflect again on the ways of God as revealed in the Scriptures, and renew your commitment to follow them.

The Bible is given to us, not to be a legal constitution that binds and imprisons us, but a guide that leads us into deeper relationships with Jesus. It is this relationship that leads us into the ways of life. Today, take time to listen to the Scriptures and allow them to lead you deeper into connection with Christ.

Speak to me through the Scriptures, Jesus, for I long to follow your ways.

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