You Are Probably Just Stalling

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1 CORINTHIANS 11:1

Sometimes when someone says they’re waiting on God, really they’re just stalling. We’re all prone to that more often than we’d like to admit. It can happen when there’s a big decision before us and our gut has already given us an answer. Instead of making moves, we make lists. It can happen when the Bible gives a command but we rationalize why we should wait. We say we’re waiting on God, but this isn’t what’s happening.

We’ll pray more often and go on retreats to listen closely for God’s voice. We’ll talk it over with friends and Google our options late into the night. Maybe we’ll give it a rest to see if the thing we know we need to do eventually resurfaces, telling ourselves, Then I’ll know it was from God. But when we say we’re waiting on God, He’s often waiting on us.

In the life of Jesus, we get an example of how we’re to live in the world. We know we’re here to welcome people who look like strangers. We’re here to offer places in our homes for those with nowhere to go. We’re here to be friends with the lonely, the ones who were told they weren’t worthy of love. The Bible is constantly talking about care for widows and orphans, the most vulnerable in society. You don’t need another Bible study about the “will of God”; perhaps you need to decide you will simply do something.

If we’re waiting on God to find out whether or not we should live a little more like Jesus, don’t waste any more time—the answer is yes. We don’t find many answers tied to the dock; we find them when we go all in on love. If you’re feeling stuck, don’t create a safe harbor by saying you’re still waiting for God. Cast off the lines, point your boat toward the open seas, and set sail. There’s a good chance God’s waiting on you to make the next move.

B. Goff

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