Your Prayer Discipline

Before you begin your prayer, pause for a few moments to concentrate on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths and remember that you are in the loving presence of God.

Luke 15:23-24 Take the fattened calf and slaughter it. Then let us celebrate with a feast, because this son of mine was dead, and has come to life again; he was lost, and has been found.

The parable of the forgiving father portrays a man who is willing to look foolish. He plans a celebration for the return of a son who demanded his inheritance, squandered it, and sank deep into depravity. Through sin we resemble the son, and, thankfully, God resembles the forgiving father. Weakened by original sin, we more easily yield to temptation. As a result, we damage our relationship with God and others. Through God’s mercy and love and the healing grace of the repentance, we are saved from the spiritual death of sin and given new life in God’s love.

(Speak to God, using this prayer or one of your own.)

Merciful and loving God, thank you for the gift of forgiveness. Help me to remain faithful to all you ask of me.

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