God Hopes We Will Develop a Greater Fear of Inaction than of Failure.

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
PSALM 23:4

Have you ever heard a plane break the sound barrier?

About 768 miles per hour—that’s how fast you have to go to outrun sound itself. Modern planes can do it pretty easily. Around World War II, though, scientists and engineers thought Mach speeds might be impossible in a manned aircraft. Their hesitance had everything to do with what happened at 767 miles per hour. Just before a plane breaks the sound barrier, all the created energy is pushing against the plane. Think of riding an old, rickety roller coaster in midair—all the shaking, jerking, and rattling made more than a few pilots throttle back.

When we’re chasing our dreams, all the turbulence we face shouldn’t scare us into pulling back, though. The shaking, jerking, and rattling in our lives are telling us we’re getting close to the breakthrough.

If there’s anything to fear, often it’s pulling back, not pressing forward. Is fear of failure holding you back from breaking your personal barriers? You might be at 767 miles per hour. Throw the throttle down, because once you push through fear produced by the rattling, you find the next-level experience you’ve been hoping for. God hopes we’ll develop a greater fear of inaction than of failure, because then, we’ll experience with wide-eyed excitement what it’s like to cruise, doing what we were made to do.

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