Meek Not Weak

Matthew 5:5

“The meek and lowly are fortunate! for the whole wide world belongs to them.”

Being gentle and lowly (humble) means having a true perspective on ourselves. It does not mean that we should put ourselves down. We see that we are sinners, saved only by God’s grace; but we are saved and therefore have great worth in God’s Kingdom. We should place ourselves in his hands to be used as he wants in order to spread his Word and share his love with others.

Meek people are not wimps. Rather, they have gentle, disciplined spirits that allow them to truly enjoy life. Because they are humble, willing to learn, willing to forgive and be forgiven, willing to take life in stride, it is true that “the whole wide world belongs to them.” Too often it seems that the movers, pushers, and shakers are the ones who own everything. But how much can they appreciate, really? Instead, it is the people who have learned balance in life and genuine humility who can enjoy all that God has given them. How much of “the whole wide world” have you accepted by God’s grace? Can you set aside pride and desires in order to be one of God’s meek and lowly ones?

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