Is it wrong to be angry with God?

No. The problem comes when legitimate feelings of anger are not handled correctly and lead to inappropriate bitterness and rebellion which sometimes accompany anger. The Bible realistically portrays the frustration and anger of God’s people when things go wrong or when they cannot understand why certain things happen. This was the reason for Job’s anger. Not only did he feel he was being treated unjustly by God, but he could get no explanation from Him.

Jonah’s anger over Nineveh’s repentance and the death of the shade-giving vine was inappropriate (Jonah 4). Twice the Lord questioned him, Have you any right to be angry? (Jonah 4:4, 9). The prophet Jeremiah grew angry with God because of his persecution and the lack of response to his preaching. But he went too far when he accused God of lying (Jer. 15:18). Immediately, God told him to repent and stop uttering foolish words (15:19).

Ultimately, that is where Job ended up. Though his suffering caused many questions and anguish, he went too far when he insisted that he had a right to an explanation. In the end, God spoke to Job and set him straight: God had the right to question Job, not the other way around (38:1–3). Job realized he had been arrogant and that his anger was unjustified. When confronted by the awesomeness of God, Job repented (42:6).

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One thought on “Is it wrong to be angry with God?

  1. I have struggled with anger most my life. When I feel not valued by someone close to me I get angry. When I have offended them by my words to them and they come back at me, exhorting me, oh the anger boil in me till one day it boil over unless I run as fast as I can to the Lord for where my value should come from. But that human part of me wants other humans to love me like God does, unconditionally and when they don’t it makes me plain mad. I read this quote recently about understand oneself, the importance of it as we deal with others. It’s just there incased in my old nature to deal with till I go home to be with Jesus. I use to get so depressed when I let my anger fly, it shames me for I know instantly it’s wrong, yet it’s a hard feeling to corral. I have learned to go deep to find the root of it and give myself grace a lot. Anger harms others and relationships and you can’t tuck those hot words back in your mouth. You post was a good reminder for me, thanks.


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