The Power of the Christian Believer

Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. 
Matthew 28:18

Let us be confident, Christian brethren, that our power does not lie in the manger at Bethlehem nor in the relics of the cross. True spiritual power resides in the victory of the mighty, resurrected Lord of glory, who could pronounce after spoiling death: “All power is given me in heaven and in earth.”
The power of the Christian believer lies in the Savior’s triumph of eternal glory!

Christ’s resurrection brought about a startling change of direction for the believers. Sadness and fear and mourning marked the direction of their religion before they knew that Jesus was raised from the dead—their direction was towards the grave. When they heard the angelic witness, “He is risen, as He said,” the direction immediately shifted away from the tomb—“He is risen, indeed!” If this is not the meaning of Easter, the Christian church is involved only in a shallow one-day festival each year.
Thankfully, the resurrection morning was only the beginning of a great, vast outreach that has never ended—and will not end until our Lord Jesus Christ comes back again!

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One thought on “The Power of the Christian Believer

  1. The power of the Christian believer lies in the Savior’s triumph of eternal glory! Anytime you bring Jesus into a conversation with an unbeliever it starts some serious thoughts. The Holy Spirit comes at the mention of His name and brings conviction, leaving the person one is talking to a choice. One can talk religion all day and conviction will not be there but His name and His death, burial and resurrections bring truth to the forefront. Good post.


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