Your Spiritual Discipline

Before you begin your time with God, pause for a few moments and relax. Take several long, deep breaths, and rest in the loving presence of God.

Psalm 27:13 I believe I shall enjoy the LORD’s goodness in the land of the living.

What a wonderful thought the psalmist offers! Try repeating this belief statement as you go through a typical day. We most often see what we expect to see. Do you expect to see the Lord’s goodness as you go through the day? It takes many forms: a surprise phone call, a random act of kindness, some unexpected good news, or the daisy growing through the concrete. We are invited to go one step further, however. After we see the Lord’s goodness, we are challenged to enjoy it. That means slowing down to take notice. In this way, we are changed by what we see. Give yourself the gift of being transformed by the goodness of the Lord.

(Speak to God using these or similar words.)

Loving and gracious God, thank you for the goodness that surrounds us. Open my eyes to contemplate all that you have made for us to enjoy.

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