Quit Waiting for a Plan

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 JOHN 4:7

Have you noticed a surge in the number of workout programs out there? It seems like every time I pick up a magazine, a new study says the key to weight loss is to avoid carbs, or only eat carbs, or eat only free-range llama eggs. I’m still looking for the workout plan that pushes popsicles, cake pops, and Pop-Tarts as the key to getting ripped. It would seem the only thing we love more than dieting is talking about dieting.

I’m not one for diets or workout plans, but I do know what it’s like to spend too much time coming up with a plan instead of just doing the plan. The same holds true with our personal plans. It’s tempting to sit around dreaming about what we would do if only we had the money or the time or the unique opportunity. But all that planning for the future takes us away from the one thing all of us can do right now: love the people around us.

God isn’t dazzled when we go across an ocean. He delights when we go across the street.

It’s great to map out a plan to use your gifts to make the world a little more beautiful or functional, but try not to forget that you’re already where you are. Go change the world from where you are, while you’re moving toward where you wish you were. Changing the world turns out to be easier and harder than we tend to make it: it’s easier because it doesn’t take as much money or time as we think it will, but it’s harder because, like the workouts we avoid, it takes courage, commitment, and sacrifice in the moment.

If you’re a planner, terrific. Go do loads of planning. If you were wired to be spontaneous, do plenty of that. By all means, keep scheming up plans, but don’t forget there’s a big difference between always preparing and actually being ready to start.

What is it that you’ve been planning without starting? You don’t have to take all the steps—just the next one.

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