Jesus Asking Questions

Luke 20:1–8

Questions are usually the fruit of an inquiring mind, or a cry for help from the confused: clarify, if you please. In the brutal hands of the interrogator, questions become weapons, wearing the prisoner down. The learned use questions to test the knowledge—or ignorance—of their students.

Questions are expressions of wonder, as the wide-eyed child asks for the eleventh time, “But why, Daddy?”

Jesus loved asking questions. He used them all the time. Perhaps there’s nothing unusual about that because He was a rabbi and proffering questions was definitely the Jewish teaching style. Not for them was the single-voice teaching style of the Greeks, where many sit and listen, and the one who stands at the front of the class tells.

The Jews preferred a rough and tumble conversational style. Unafraid of conflict or disagreement, they felt questions were true stepping-stones to understanding. Jesus came not only teaching with an authority that made the common people gasp and the religious “experts” squirm, but with questions that penetrated the heart and kick-started the brain. He didn’t just tell the lost how to be found, but provoked them, activated a search in them.

Let’s stand in the little crowd around Jesus and be the disciples of His that we are. Let’s open our hearts to allow His questions to come to us personally, not so that we can just gather more information, but so they might penetrate our lives and transform us. Jesus’ questions to His first disciples turned their lives upside down. Who knows what might happen to us?

Pray: As I seek today to answer the questions of yesterday, Lord Jesus, teach, challenge, and change me. What are Your questions for me, Lord? Amen.

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