As Good as Your Book

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread he will live forever.—John 6:51

A Hindu said to a missionary in India: “Sir, I do not want to appear presumptuous, but have you found out what the Acts of the Apostles records? I see there a strange power, making weak, ineffective men into strong, effective, radiant men. That seems new and central—have you found that?”

And that is the central question we must ask ourselves. We are taken up with so many little and marginal things in church life that we miss the central power.

A group of children, on the way to see the ocean, got occupied with a pond that one of them had made by blocking the flow of a tiny stream. One little fellow, seeing the ocean in the distance, said, “Come on, Billy, that ain’t the ocean—that’s only a pond!”

Sometimes I feel like calling to the thousands of Christians who are gathered around their little denominational pools, thinking them to be the ocean: “Come on, brothers and sisters, that isn’t the whole thing. Look over there. The ocean awaits us—God’s ocean of power and plenty. I’ll race you to it!”

A Christian who gave a Bible to an acquaintance asked him some time later if he had read it. “Yes,” said the man, “and what is more, I have found you out. You are not as good as your Book! The Book says there is power for human weakness, joy instead of sorrow, victory instead of defeat—but I see little of this in you.” What an indictment! Could the same be said of you and me?


O Father, help me to be as good as the Book. Show me the way to power and poise, so that I will represent the highest qualities of life to those I live with or work with. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

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