If We Follow On

“Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord.” Hos. 6:3

There is a heavenly promise: “Then shall we know” (a high pursuit), “if we follow on” (a holy purpose), “to know the Lord.”

If the devil cannot keep you from being saved, if next he fails to make you backslide, then he undertakes to keep you just an average Christian. Here he succeeds with most believers. He hates to see you pressing on to a deeper knowledge of the Lord. So you must set your face like a flint knowing that you will not be ashamed (Isa. 50:7).

Satan will stir up these average Christians against you if you insist on living above the average. Nobody will pay you any attention so long as you go to church and teach a class and keep decent and even do lots of “church work.”

But when you start out into deeper water and begin taking consecration and sanctification and the filling of the Spirit in dead earnest, then eyebrows are lifted and shoulders are shrugged and average Christians begin eyeing you uneasily and your foes may be of your own household.

But be sure your object is “to know the Lord,” not just to be different!

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