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Psalm 91 celebrates the security and stability of those who make the Lord (Yahweh) their God, those who trust and love Him (vv. 2, 14). The psalmist mentioned numerous dangers in life, from insidious schemes and deadly diseases (v. 3) to unexpected events, physical attacks, and disasters (vv. 5–6). This psalm doesn’t promise immunity from such dangers but security and stability when confronted by them.

The godly needn’t be afraid because God is their defense, deliverer, strength, and safety. Various metaphors are used to describe the safety God provides: “shelter of the Most High” and “shadow of the Almighty” (v. 1), “refuge” and “fortress” (v. 2), “shield and rampart” (v. 4), and “dwelling” (v. 9). Taking verses 11–12 out of context, Satan tempted Jesus to test God’s promises by jumping from the top of the temple (Matthew 4:6). Quoting Deuteronomy 6:16, Jesus warned that demanding God’s protection in order to prove God’s care is wrong (Matthew 4:7).

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