Change or Die

A recent medical study reveals just how difficult change is for people.

Roughly 600,000 people have heart bypasses a year in America. These people are told after their bypasses that they must change their lifestyle.

The heart bypass is a temporary fix. They must change their diet. They must quit smoking and drinking. They must exercise and reduce stress.

In essence, the doctors say, “Change or die.”

You would think that a near-death experience would forever grab the attention of the patients. You would think they would vote for change. You would think the argument for change is so compelling that the patients would make the appropriate lifestyle alterations.

Sadly, that is not the case.

Ninety percent of the heart patients do not change. They remain the same, living the status quo. Study after study indicates that two years after heart surgery, the patients have not altered their behavior. Instead of making changes for life, they choose death.

Change is that difficult. Most of the heart patients choose not to change.

So, should we be surprised that we make every effort to tell the world that they need to prepare to stand before Jesus Christ and the majority of them do nothing. They continue to live the same lifestyles and believe that somehow everything will be alright with God when they die.

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One thought on “Change or Die

  1. What a sobering word. It does bring one thing to mind though, we cannot change without the powerful conviction of the Holy Spirit. He and He alone, gives us a Spirit of Supplication and Grace.


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