Things Great and Small

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things.  Revelation 4:11

We make a mistake if we do not learn to admire God in all things, great and small; for a new rich mine would be opened in our consciousness if we could learn to recognize God in nature as well as in grace!

We do acknowledge that the God of nature is also the God of grace; and it is true that we glorify God’s redeeming grace no less when we glorify His creating and sustaining power. When Christ came to redeem us, He stepped into the framework of an already existent nature.

If we will obey and believe, we can go on pushing back the narrow borders of our spiritual world until it takes in the whole creation of God!

At one time, an English merchant and the renowned poet William Blake stood watching the sun come up out of the sea. The bright yellow disk of the sun emerged, gilding the water and painting the sky with a thousand colors. “Ah! I see gold!” the merchant said.

Blake answered, “I see the glory of God! And I hear a multitude of the heavenly host crying, ‘The whole earth is full of His glory.’”

Heavenly Father, every time I am captivated by a beautiful nature scene—the pounding waves of the ocean or the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains or a crystal clear, star-filled sky—I am reminded of Your awesome creative power. I worship You, Almighty God!

A. W. Tozer

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