Spiritual Discipline

Ezekiel 43:1-12

At a time when God’s people despaired of ever returning to their homeland, and to the good days of peace and prosperity, Ezekiel began to speak of God’s restoration. Although he had spoken many prophecies of judgement and confrontation of the
nation’s sin and injustice, he now turned to the future and looked at what God desired for God’s people. At the heart of his message was a vision of a glorious, renewed Temple. When we remember that, for the Israelites, the Temple was more than just a place of worship but was the center of their whole society and culture, we see that this vision was a powerful way to proclaim God’s desire to restore the

After the evocative vision of the dry bones that come to life in Chapter 37, Ezekiel began to describe, in great detail, the new Temple, the restoration of the priesthood, and the renewed worship life of Israel. Then he described the vision of God’s glory returning, which is the focus of today’s reading. Two features of this vision stand out. The first is the constant theme of repentance that flows through it. God’s glory is available and visible when God’s people are willing to grow beyond their worst selves through the practice of repentance.

The second feature of this vision is the way God promises to live in the Temple. This doesn’t mean that God is not present elsewhere. Rather, it speaks about God’s presence and purpose being at the center of the life of God’s people.

When we place God at the center of our lives, and constantly grow more Christ-like through the practice of repentance, then God’s glory is revealed in and through us to the world. How can you become a better reflection of God’s glory today?

Discipline: There can be no growth and no transformation into reflections of God’s glory without repentance. It is only when we are willing to acknowledge what needs to change in us, and then allow God’s Spirit to do the work of change, that we can become more and more like Jesus, and reflect his character and mission to the world.

Today, make time for repentance and the growth it nurtures.

Pray: I turn away from all that obscures your glory from being reflected in me, O God

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