Prayer for Worship

Psalm 22:27–28

‘All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the LORD and he rules over the nations.’

Almighty God,
You are the only One to be worshiped,
For you are the one living and true God.
You are to be loved with all our heart and soul and strength and mind;
You alone are to be served.

We pray that you will be merciful to the multitudes upon multitudes of our fellow human beings who worship other gods.

Your Word declares those gods to be false gods; indeed it declares them to be nothing, and yet we know that behind them there are demonic powers at work that hold the worshipers in their grip.

You know the blindness that is over so many minds, and the degrading superstitions to which these demonic powers have reduced so many of our fellow men.

They call upon a god who cannot hear;
They put their trust in a god who cannot save.
Have mercy upon them, we pray.

You are the great God, the King over all gods; you are mightier than all those demonic powers who hold so many in darkness, and you are able to deliver them and to make them true worshipers.

We pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the gospel that is preached today, miracles of grace would take place in vast numbers, and that those who have worshiped other gods would come to bow before you, to worship and serve you alone, for you are worthy.

We pray that we,

Who have the privilege of knowing you,
And of being the sheep of your pasture,
The flock under your care,
may sense how great is our privilege;
May we have grace to delight in you,
May we be confident in you as the God who has taken us for his own.
May we worship you not just with our lips, but with our hearts and with our lives.

May we demonstrate not only in this building, but in the very way that we live our lives in our homes, and in our places of work,

That you really are our God,
That we are your people,
And that we are living through Christ in obedience to you.

Hear us at the outset of this hour of worship.

We thank you for this day,
We thank you for one another,
We thank you for this building in which we meet,
And we thank you for Jesus our Savior,
The Mediator between God and man,
The great Bridge that has bridged over the gulf our sin has created and has brought us to you.

Bless us while we worship for our Saviors sake.

David Campbell and Sara Leone

Published by Intentional Faith

Devoted to a Faith that Thinks

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