When You Are Dealt a Bad Hand

President Dwight Eisenhower described his mother as a smart and saintly lady. “Often in this job I’ve wished I could consult her. But she is in heaven. However, many times I have felt I knew what she would say.”

One night in their farm home, Mrs. Eisenhower was playing a card game with her boys. “Now, don’t get me wrong,” said the former president, “it was not with those cards that have kings, queens, jacks, and spades on them. Mother was too straitlaced for that.” President Eisenhower said the game they were playing was called Flinch.
“Anyway, Mother was the dealer, and she dealt me a very bad hand.

I began to complain. Mother said, ‘Boys, put down your cards. I want to say something, particularly to Dwight. You are in a game in your home with your mother and brothers who love you. But out in the world you will be dealt bad hands without love. Here is some advice for you boys. Take those bad hands without complaining and play them out. Ask God to help you, and you will win the important game called life.” The president added, “I’ve tried to follow that wise advice always.”

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