The Spirit Discipline: Remember Who HE Is

JOHN 14:5–14

Recently, I heard a friend describe an exciting trip to a particular destination. Usually he enjoys flying. However this particular flight ended up causing him a great deal of stress. There were three reasons for this fear.

The first reason was the name of this small airline. It was The Red Tail Airlines—named after a particular kind of hawk. “The last time I’d seen a redtail hawk,” my friend explained, “it was taking a nosedive straight down to the earth.” Second, as they were taking off into the mountains from the runway, the pilot said, “Do you guys see anything coming?” And finally, he heard this pilot in a very chatty, casual tone say over the radio, “Yes, this is my last day.”

All this created significant anxiety for my friend. “Why is this his last day? Is it incompetence? Is it really his ‘last day’? How careless will he be because this is his last day?”

My friend had some things in common with the disciples as Jesus talks about his last day. The disciples wonder with legitimate anxiety, “Why is Jesus leaving, and where is he going?” Jesus responds to their anxiety with assurances of continued care and nurture of the Father’s love.

Your Discipline.

As you enter into Jesus’ presence today, close your eyes and remember who he is.

written by Stephen D. Eyre and Jacalyn Eyre

Published by Intentional Faith

Devoted to a Faith that Thinks

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