The Spirit Discipline: Testimony

JOHN 15:26–16:4

When our kids were younger, each of them endured at least one trip to the emergency room. I remember when our two-and-a-half-year-old decided to play Superman after his Sunday afternoon nap and jumped (flew) from his chest of drawers to the bed. Instead of landing on his target, the mattress, he missed and hit his head on the sharp bed frame. Blood was gushing all over the place. Then there was the time our four-year-old fell off his bike and cut open the place on his chin that had already been stitched up two times before.

Those emergency room visits were not easy. We all experienced trauma and pain. However, we found it was made bearable by telling each child ahead of time exactly what to expect. The medical personnel in the emergency room always commented on how calm and secure our children were and how easy they were to care for.

Telling the kids about the pain did not take it away. It didn’t even lessen it. However, knowing was far better than the fear of the unknown. When the injections were given, the stitches done, the casts put on, and the wounds cleaned out, they knew that what they were experiencing was normal, expected and had purpose. They were given permission to cry when it hurt, and they had a parent with them every moment. (They also knew that they would get an ice cream cone after it was all over.)

And so it is as Jesus continues to prepare his disciples now, not only for his departure, but for the persecution that they are going to endure after he is gone. He wants them to know what to expect. He wants them to know that the Holy Spirit will be with them. And that the final outcome was in his hands and would be better than an ice cream cone.


What fears do you have as you face the future? What pains and hurts are you currently struggling with? One by one, share your fears and pains with the Lord. Ask him to help you know in the depths of your being that he is there for you.

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