Praise to Jesus, King of Kings

Luke 1:33 ‘… and he will reign over the house of Jacob for ever; his kingdom will never end.’

Lord Jesus Christ, we worship you as the King, the One who in fulfillment of promise, are reigning over the house of Jacob and of whose kingdom there is no end.
What a great and glorious King you are!
You have no equal;
There is nothing that is not under your almighty sway.
You are King of kings and Lord of lords,
You are the Ruler over all nature;
All demons are subject to you,
You have the hearts of all men in your hands,
You determine our destinies,
You have the whole world under your government.

We thank you especially for that reign of grace that you have established in the hearts and lives of your people.

We were captives,
We were bound,
We could not break free,
And you came in kingly power and mighty grace,
You delivered us from the power of sin,
From the power of Satan,
And you now reign in their place.

We who are your people are so glad that the King of the universe is the King over our hearts and lives.

We, your people, would be loyal and devoted servants of such a King.
We desire for the coming of your kingdom with
ever increasing power
in our own lives,
in the lives of others,
and in the world as a whole.

To that end, we pray, Lord Jesus, that it would please you to establish your kingdom in the hearts of needy sinners today in great numbers.

Be merciful to those here, we pray, who are still in the grip of sin, over whom Satan still has such power. We ask that you will come to them as you have come to us;
break the chains that bind them,
deliver them,
and bring them under your own sweet and gracious government.

We pray not only for those here who are in need of your grace, but multitudes all around the world; for we desire that the One who is rightfully King, and the One who is truly reigning would come to be worshiped and adored as such, and to have his rightful place in multitudes upon multitudes of his fellow human beings.

Heavenly Father, glorify your Son, we pray.
Send the Holy Spirit that men and women, boys and girls, may love him and live for him all their days.
We thank you for the assurance of his presence, for where two or three are present in his name, he has said that he will be present;
We would receive that by faith.
We would bless you that you are here, Lord Jesus,
Though we cannot see you with our own eyes;
You are here in all the fulness of your power,
in the greatness of your love,
and in the perfection of your knowledge of our hearts and lives,
our circumstances and our needs.

We pray that it would please you to minister to us as you see we have need, and so work in us that we in turn

may believe in you,
submit to you,
thank you,
and glorify you
for the great God, King, and Savior that you are.

Thank you for the kind providence that has brought us together today.

Thank you for the Lord’s Day and for all that it means to us.

Bless this hour and the day as a whole, for your glory’s sake we ask it.

David Campbell and Sara Leone

Published by Intentional Faith

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