A Prayer for the Church

Dear Lord,

We come before you today with humble hearts, grateful for the love you have shown us through your Son, Jesus Christ, and the gift of the Church, His bride. We give thanks for the life we experience in the church, where we find community, love, and support. We are grateful for the people you have placed in our lives, who have encouraged us and helped us grow in our faith.

We recognize that the Church is not just a building, but a living body of believers, united in Christ. We ask that you use us as a part of this larger body to show your love to others, to be your hands and feet in the world. Help us to see beyond our own needs and desires, and to focus on the needs of others.

We are thankful for our local church and for the larger universal Church. We pray that you would guide and lead us by wisdom and inspiration to make our churches what you want them to become. May our churches be places where people can come to find hope, healing, and peace. May they be places of worship, where we can gather together to honor you and give you praise.

Lord, we know that the Church is not perfect, and we ask for your forgiveness for the times we have fallen short. Help us to be patient with one another, to show grace and mercy, and to work together to build your Kingdom.

We thank you for your love for us and for the Church, and we pray that we may always be faithful to you. May our lives be a reflection of your love, and may we always seek to follow you in all that we do.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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