Be Still and Know

Take a moment to find a comfortable position, allowing your body and mind to settle. Breathe deeply, inhaling the presence of God’s Spirit, and exhaling any distractions or worries. As you enter into this time of meditation, let your heart and soul be open to receive the message of Acts 4:10-12.

Reflect upon the profound words spoken by Peter, inspired by the Holy Spirit, as he stood before the rulers and authorities. Hear his declaration ringing in your ears: “Let it be known to all… by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead—by him this man is standing before you well.”

Contemplate the significance of these words. The very name of Jesus holds immeasurable power and authority. It is by His name that healing, restoration, and transformation are made possible. Feel the weight of this truth sinking deep into your spirit. Jesus, the crucified and risen Savior, is present with you even now, offering His love, grace, and healing touch.

Consider the image of Jesus as the rejected stone that has become the cornerstone. Reflect upon the rejection He faced during His earthly ministry, the suffering He endured on the cross, and the victory of His resurrection. Contemplate the profound paradox that the very One who was rejected by the religious authorities and seemingly defeated by the powers of this world has become the foundation upon which our lives are built.

Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, release any doubts or insecurities you may have. In the face of rejection, remember that you are built upon the unshakable cornerstone of Jesus Christ. You are anchored in His love, His truth, and His salvation. Allow His strength to fortify your faith and fill you with a renewed sense of purpose and identity.

Acknowledge that salvation is found in no one else but Jesus. Grasp the depth of this truth, for it holds the power to transform lives and eternities. In the name of Jesus, find comfort, find forgiveness, and find freedom. Let this realization permeate every aspect of your being, renewing your commitment to follow Him faithfully.

Take a few moments to offer gratitude to God for the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. Thank Him for the salvation that is available through His name alone. Surrender any areas of your life where you have sought salvation or fulfillment outside of Him, and commit to placing Jesus at the center of your thoughts, your desires, and your actions.

As you slowly return to the present moment, carry with you the assurance that Jesus, the rejected stone, is now the cornerstone of your life. Allow His presence and power to guide you, embolden you, and bring you hope. May you live each day with a deep awareness of the salvation found in no other name, and may the name of Jesus be forever exalted in your heart. Amen.

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