The Exegetical Idea and Its Complement

The exegetical idea of Acts 4:11-12 is the exclusive and universal salvation found in the name of Jesus Christ. This idea is complemented by the rejection and exaltation of Jesus as the cornerstone, emphasizing His unique role as the foundation of faith and the source of salvation.

To the modern person, this text holds profound significance. In a pluralistic and diverse world where various paths and beliefs are presented as valid avenues to spiritual fulfillment, Acts 4:11-12 stands as a powerful reminder of the exclusivity of salvation through Jesus Christ. It challenges the relativistic mindset that suggests all paths lead to the same destination.

In a culture that often promotes self-reliance, individualism, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment, Acts 4:11-12 points to the absolute necessity of faith in Jesus for salvation. It calls the modern person to consider their own spiritual journey and the ultimate question of eternal destiny. It invites individuals to examine their beliefs, recognizing that salvation is found in no one else and no other name under heaven.

Moreover, this passage carries a message of hope and assurance. It reassures the modern person that despite feelings of rejection or insignificance, Jesus, the rejected stone, has become the cornerstone. It offers the promise that in Christ, we find a sure foundation, unshaken by the shifting tides of culture or personal circumstances. It reminds individuals that their worth and identity are rooted in Christ, who offers healing, forgiveness, and a restored relationship with God.

Additionally, Acts 4:11-12 speaks to the modern person’s search for meaning and purpose. It reveals that true fulfillment is found in embracing the central figure of human history, Jesus Christ, and aligning one’s life with His teachings and example. It challenges individuals to consider their own foundation and to build their lives upon the solid rock of Christ, rather than the shifting sands of worldly pursuits or ideologies.

Ultimately, Acts 4:11-12 calls the modern person to respond personally and decisively to the claims of Jesus Christ. It invites individuals to grapple with the exclusive nature of salvation through Him, recognizing that faith in Jesus is the key to eternal life and a restored relationship with God. It encourages individuals to place their trust in the name of Jesus, allowing His transformative power to shape their lives and guide their path.

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