Before I Sleep…

Gentle evening falls upon us, O Lord, As we gather in the stillness, hearts restored. In this sacred hour, we seek Your face, To dwell in Your presence, receiving Your grace.

As the sun sets and the day draws to a close, We come before You, seeking peace that overflows. In the twilight’s hush, we bring our prayers anew, Trusting in Your promise, knowing You are true.

In this Vesper hour, we lift our voices high, Asking, seeking, knocking, our souls to sanctify. Grant us the wisdom to discern Your perfect will, As we surrender ourselves, Your purpose to fulfill.

Father, we approach You with confidence and trust, For You are faithful, gracious, and just. We seek Your guidance, Your wisdom, and Your light, To lead us through the darkness, shining ever bright.

Holy Spirit, descend upon us with Your gentle power, Fill our hearts, our minds, and every hour. Guide us, comfort us, and draw us near, As we rest in Your presence, free from every fear.

As night unfolds its quiet, soothing embrace, May Your peace enfold us, Your love we embrace. In this vesper hour, we offer You our praise, For the blessings bestowed upon us in countless ways.

Now, as we depart and journey through the night, May Your presence be our guiding light. May Your grace go with us, forever to abide, Till we gather again, in Your love we confide.

In Your holy name, we lift our hearts in prayer, Trusting that You hear us, and You deeply care. Amen.

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