Bear Fruit

READ:Galatians 5:16-26 REFLECTIt’s impossible to think about Jesus’ call to bear fruit without consideringPaul’s words in Galatians 5. It’s clear from this passage that everyonebears fruit. Some of us bear fruit that brings pain and division, and thatmakes the world a poorer, more hostile place. But, when we allow ourlives to be aligned to God’sContinue reading “Bear Fruit”

God Inside Your Work

In 2004, businessman Terry Looper—founder and CEO of the $6 billion Texon energy company—was partway through negotiating a sale when he realized he’d forgotten to pray about it. “I hadn’t even tried to get neutral,” he said. “Getting neutral” is his term for pushing down any greed or selfish ambition, quieting his heart, and listeningContinue reading “God Inside Your Work”

Your Money Can Go to Hell

Reading: Acts 8:18-24 Reflection: Simon was a Samaritan sorcerer who had exerted great influence over the people in his community by the magic he performed. But, when Philip began to preach the Gospel, the people believed and were baptized – including Simon himself. He was amazed by this new encounter with God and followed PhilipContinue reading “Your Money Can Go to Hell”

A remarkable thing…

A remarkable thing… It is a remarkable thing when people decide something unanimously. It is the opposite of making a majority decision. Unanimity means that nobody disagrees with it or opposes it, not even in secret. (1 Cor. 1:10) View On WordPress