Into the Wild

Took a day with Marcia today.  Been too long since we had done that.  Began with a breakfast at Lurton’s in Commiskey.  An experience in its own right.  Food was good and interesting to watch the people who were there.  A collection of blue collar and back country with a young couple thrown in.  Friendly enough but everyone seemed to be on their own journey.

Caught up with my sister and her husband back from winter in Texas.  Good to see them and listen to their stories and look at their pictures.  Both were filled with people.  They wanted to feed us, of course, but we were still to full from breakfast.

Stopped outside of Columbus at a little food stand just opened from the winter.  Had our first ice cream cone of the season.  Sun was warm and the cone was good.  Marcia and I talked.  Mostly about people.

There were, of course, the phone calls.  People don’t stop hurting.  Such is life.  Good to talk to Ron just home from surgery.  A nice answer to prayer.  Will pray for those who continue to struggle.  Seems life is easier sometimes without the people or so it seems.

Did a few chores when we got back to the house and then we decided to pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie.  There was one out on DVD based on a book I read a couple of years ago.  Got in from one of my outlaws who hiked the Appalachian Trail, canoed the Amazon and camped in Cambodia.  It was a book that mimicked some of his life.  It was titled ‘Into the Wild’.

It was a long movie we interrupted for Megan coming home and a bite of supper.  It was a haunting movie about a young man who rejects the ways of the world and takes his own course trying to find source of happiness.  Fresh out of Emery University, he gives his money to a food bank and sets off on his adventure.

I won’t tell you how it ends.  Hate to spoil a good book or movie.  (The book is better than the movie like always)  In his final thoughts he realizes that happiness is something that has to be shared.  We need people.  I thought about my day.  The long bearded man eating his biscuits and gravy with a coworker.  My sister and brother-in-law recounting all the people they had meet.  The car hop at the drive-in with a ready smile.  Talked to my dad and step-mom on the cell.  They are getting older but doing well enough.  There was the  aging clerk at the store who made conversation while she checked us out.  Megan making plans with friends to go to the school play tonight.  And Marcia sitting beside me as we watched a touching film.

I am blessed.  God has filled my life and my days with a lot of people.  I am privileged to share the lives of so many people in good times and bad.  Megan will be home soon.  Marcia is working in the kitchen and the television if off. 

I hope you meet some people today.  I hope you had the chance to visit with them or at least notice them.  If you did, then you have a good life.  Make sure you enjoy them.  Don’t worry so much about the stuff.


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