Love Without Conditions

READ | Romans 5:6-8

New believers may find it difficult to accept the fact that God loves us just as we are. Much of the world operates by conditional love, which offers approval and acceptance on the basis of performance. It is hard for us to shake the habit of conditional love.

So when we first come to Christ, there is often a natural tendency to assume we must strive to “deserve” our blessings, such as monetary wealth, loving families, and solid careers.  The problem is that same attitudes make the assumption that difficulties must be the result of our misdeeds and God’s dissatisfaction.  We need to eliminate that attitude from our faith.

Divine love, however, can never be earned by human effort. There is absolutely nothing we can do to make God love us more or to influence Him to stop loving us. (Romans 5:8;1 John 4:8) Many believers understand this intellectually but have trouble believing it deep down in their heart.  Take a moment to consider that God loves you now just as deeply as He has ever loved you.  His feelings toward you do not change.

No matter what has occurred in your past or what you feel right now, the Father’s love has always been freely given to you. God pours His love upon us without exception—no ifs, ands or buts. He did not begin to love you at the moment you invited Him into your life. Nor did He begin to love you when you first started going to church or when you rose from the baptismal waters. In truth, God never “began” to love you at all; He simply always has. From the creation of the world, God knew you and loved you.

So approach this day with the joyful peace that you are loved by God and He has your interests guiding Him.  See what that can do to your decisions.


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