It’s Okay to Say “Merry Christmas”

According to a 2008 Gallup poll, 93% of Americans celebrate Christmas. However, in past years, due to political correctness, disinformation and even the threat of lawsuits from the ACLU and its allies, religious expression at Christmastime was becoming increasingly absent from the public square. But today, because of many Christian defense ministries, several of the "anti-Merry Christmas" stores and organizations across the nation have been silenced about their resistance in the wake of such overwhelming public enthusiasm to say "Merry Christmas."

The years of educating Americans with an awareness of their rights by organizations such as Alliance Defense Fund and annual efforts to reclaim Christmas show that:

· 69% of Americans now use the "Merry Christmas" greeting compared to 56% previously.

· 61% of Americans now oppose generic "Happy Holidays" greetings, compared to 44% previously.

· 69% of Americans prefer "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Holidays."

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