A Good Story about a Good Man

Kim Chin-kyung (now known as James Kim) was just 15 when he went to war in 1950, serving for the South Korean army. He was ready to fight to defend his country from the Chinese and North Korean forcesbut on the battlefield in Seoul, their armies were too powerful for his unit to overcome. Many of the 800 soldiers in Kims unit were killed by enemy fire. When a bullet hit Kim, he was sure he would be killed.

So Kim prayed for his lifeand made a promise to God. “If you save my life, I would like to live for my present enemies, the North Koreans and Chinese, to save their lives, not kill them,” he said.

Kim was one of only 17 soldiers in his unit to survive the massacre. After returning home, he went back to school in Seoul, then traveled to Great Britain and the United States for further studies. He became a successful business mogul with a chain of fashion shops in Florida. But all the while, he never forgot about the promise he had made.

Kim founded the Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST) in 1992, and he and his wife moved into the dormitory building, living only steps away from the school’s students. Kim forged a strong bond with his students, and encouraged them to give back to their communities as he had: the program required each student to volunteer at nursing homes and orphanages. This unique community service aspect, combined with instruction from highly qualified professors, has made YUST one of China’s top universities.

Here’s to all the Kim’s in the world.  Michael

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