The Day After Easter

Where fear and dread had marked the day before now wonder and questions marked the day after.  Soon Jesus would appear to over 500 disciples before His ascension.  God would use that sense of quandary to renew their minds for the changes about to take place.  Soon that which Jesus died for would be enabled.  God would be able to indwell men by His Spirit. 

Previously, God had been able to move through men and speak to them through visions and dreams but their fallen nature prevented an intimate indwelling.  Now with the sacrifice and redemption by Christ’s blood, man was justified by grace and God’s Spirit could now enter men and change them from within.  No longer would He speak to them on tablets of stone but engrave Himself on their hearts.

We will follow that experience of the disciples in our own family of faith over the next few weeks.  We will walk with them through Pentecost and renew within ourselves what it means to be indwelt by His Spirit and a part of His church. 

Pray to the Father that He may speak to us richly.


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