Thoughts on Today’s Text We live in unc

Thoughts on Today’s Text

We live in uncertain economic times. Since 2008 it seems as though the whole world has been teetering on the brink of economic collapse. Governments at all levels have increased their debts as unemployment has risen. Economists argue about the appropriate course to take while interest rates are at historic lows. Perhaps we feel some nostalgia for former days when our economic future and our savings seemed more secure.

In Philippians 3, Paul says that we should not rest on our laurels; we should not assume that what we have done in the past will bring a reward. We must continue to strive toward the perfection found in Christ Jesus. Our human nature tends to want ritual and structure in religion to make us feel safe and secure, but Paul says that is not enough. We must never assume that religion (or financial security) is enough; we must “press on toward the goal.”

Churches that are open to the leading of the Spirit often do not settle into comfortable ways of doing things. They are frequently challenged by new people and new ideas. They are willing to forget what they once were as they strive toward their goal of being open to God’s message. This is not easy for those of us who like stability.

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