Don’t Worry. They Will Tell You What to Think

So how, then, did Berkeley turn into a fascist enclave? It is a fascinating story.

First of all, if you live in Berkeley you know the prevailing philosophy is far left, politically correct, and not tolerant of opposing points of view.

It’s like living in Burma, not a lot of subtlety. They may call it Myanmar but the country is really just guys with guns telling you what to say and do as you traverse the road to Mandalay.

In Berkeley it’s not guys or guns. It’s a diverse city council enforcing it’s fascist dictums through ordinances and intimidation.

In an unintentional homage to George Orwell’s brilliant 1949 novel “1984,” the Berkeley junta has adopted an ordinance to replace “gendered language” in the city’s municipal code, in effect telling anyone dealing with the city what they can’t say.

Thus, the pronouns “she,” “he,” “her,” and “him,” are now banned. Also, many other words. Here’s a partial list: manpower, chairman, fireman and firewoman, fraternal, ombudsman, patrolmen, sister, brother, heirs, fraternity and sorority.

Far out!

The city leaders are graciously providing alternatives to the banished words. For example, “manpower” is now called “human effort.” A brother is to be called a “sibling.”

Berkeley councilman (sorry council member) Rigel Robinson told the San Francisco Chronicle that “gender-neutral language creates a lot of room to acknowledge that it’s not just men running the country.”

Right on, my man!

Sorry, my gender-neutral friend.

George Orwell wrote of a society where totalitarianism and repressive regimentation of speech and thought ruled. Few thought his descriptions of “newspeak” would ever actually happen in America.

And speaking of America, the “Inclusive Language Guide,” put forth by Colorado State University suggests that students no longer say that word. That’s right, “America” is not to be uttered on campus.

Why? Here’s the explanation: “America encompasses more than just the U.S. (so) by using the word one erases other cultures …”

OMG! How woke is that?

By the way, CSU also suggests students not use the word “straight” because it implies you’re abnormal if you’re not straight. Or something. Kind of confusing. If a college kid is asked directions, I guess it has to be: “turn left at the bookstore and then go forward without deviating. Yes, that sounds very inclusive.

America (sorry academic pinheads) has really changed, hasn’t it?

George Orwell saw it coming.

Here’s what I see coming: a citizen uprising against the social and political madness that is currently gripping this country.

I hope I’m as perspicacious as Orwell.

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  1. I can recall reading 1984 and wondering if that was the direction our world was headed in. The more I see of our world, the more I want to move to Alaska, and avoid people as much as possible. I want my children to be free, and I don’t see that happening anywhere that Leftists gain any kind of foothold.


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