The Green Years

For some of you, there have been so many times that God has visited and sought you. You bit your lips and froze your hearts and held back by grim determination from his will. And yet he pleads, even today. It is now nearly midnight, the day passes, but even now. You will know what is your problem. Perhaps it is your home that’s collapsing around your head, with the sense of family at the very breaking point.

You have had many opportunities to make your home good and secure. Many visitations of warning and promise as to how you could do it, and yet you’ve wasted the green years. But even now, it can happen, and you can know the joy of a home of love and unity.

Now, today, in every facet and element of your life, the glow and glory of the visitation of God can belong to you. For God has not quit on you, will not until you’ve gotten completely deaf to his voice and sightless to his appearing. The days can flash with new meaning, and there can be for you, amidst the decayed corruption of all that has happened, the wild, glad cry that Martha gave to her sister Mary when Lazarus was a long time dead: “The Master is here and calleth for thee.” Things are different. The Master is here.

So many of you have given up, downgraded your possibilities. And heaven knows, with the mistakes we all have made, it is understandable. We have not known what belongs unto our peace.

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