The Next 50 Years

Pew Research Center has conducted one of the most extensive studies into how people view the next 50 years of this rapidly change world. It’s report is far to extensive to share in one setting but I will be posting segments under this title for the foreseeable future. Some of it will interest you, intrigue you and disturb you but it is well worth the look at what you children will inherit. Here is the opening premise of what is to follow:

When the 530 participants in this study shared wide-ranging insights about the future, most of their responses were tied to hopes and concerns over human evolution in light of technological change. A share of their comments referred to technological advances such as brain-computer interfaces, virtual immersive experiences that will teach and entertain users, pervasive connectivity linked to artificial intelligence (AI) that helps people navigate the world and understand it better and predictive, and personalized applications that make life easier and more enjoyable. A few predicted space-based interactions.

The respondents pushed for an array of reforms in laws, international treaties, technology systems and educational processes to try to lessen the known harms that digital technologies already create.

The sections of this report briefly describe the most common themes from respondents and include remarks by Internet Hall of Fame members and other internet pioneers. After that, several additional chapters cover the broad theses of hundreds of other responses, bunched into broad categories. Some answers have been lightly edited for clarity.

Kathleen Stansberry, Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie

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