Living Our Days in Confidence

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “If I from my spy hole looking upon a fraction of the universe yet perceive some broken evidences of a plan, shall I be so mad as to complain that all cannot be deciphered?” I think all of us have seen some broken evidences of a plan. Truth seems so weak against lies. It has not maneuverability, can’t sidestep and backtrack and change course and shift strategy to suit the expediency of moment. But every lie at last slips, stumbles, and falls down. Truth, on the other hand, crushed to earth rises again. I think I see some broken evidences of a plan. One sees great and cruel nations in history strutting their way to what, according to their swaggering power, seems like a permanence that no accident or design can change. And yet, one looks again for such a nation as, for instance, Hitler’s Germany, and it has disappeared. The nations who seemed weaker, surely less dedicated to destructive power, live on. And such a nation, apparently invulnerable, goes down. Righteousness and justice are the habitations of his throne.

I think I see some evidences of a plan. Our lives are blessed in the good earthly things that are beyond our merit. Each time we sit to eat a meal sober reflection will say to us that we are really guests at the table of the Host who could make and grow the grain of the earth and the meat of the forest. That Host would have to be God. There is evidence of a plan, though often broken evidence. I think I see evidence of a plan. Let heaven be thanked for those who feel a mysterious compulsion to enlist on the side of right against all that is unjust and unfair, never mind the odds. It is as if someone nudges us, won’t take excuses, and thrusts us forward into the fray. That would have to be God, you see, who has so high a stake in how the struggle issues. We cannot perceive him clearly. Clouds and darkness are around about him. But now and again the mist parts. Now and then the clouds lift. Now and then we see a light piercing the darkness. And in that moment when we behold the ways and works of God, we know all is well, for righteousness and justice are the habitation of his throne. You and I live our days in that confidence.

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