Forever Young

People have always believed that their physical and spiritual strength can be renewed. Out of their faith in fresh starts have grown many enchanting legends. Every schoolchild learns of the legend of Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth, believed to be somewhere in the balmy clime of the Florida Everglades. The water rushing from this fountain was supposed to erase the wrinkles of the years, to take from the footsteps the heaviness of the weight of many winters, and to restore the vitality of youthful energy. Of course, we know that this lovely legend is only the fine-spun fancy of human hopes, no matter how wistfully we might wish that the dear, dead days of youth’s bright freshness might once again be given to us. We cannot turn the clock back. One of the most pathetic, if not tragic, things in the world is to see someone trying to erase the deep scorings of the years, either by clothes, cosmetics, or choosing a new marriage companion. There is renewal but it is not in these vain imaginings.

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