Where Sense and Sorrow Molest No More

Remember the promise that we shall “mount up with wings as eagles.” “We shall run and not be weary.” We need moments of ecstatic happiness. Life cannot be lived forever in the valley, nor should we feel suspicious or guilty in the high days of joy, when all the world’s a song and our hearts are filled and thrilled with an unutterable gladness. God gives these great seasons. We ought to taste such moments to the full. A marriage altar, the first time one looks at life begun again in a baby, those high days in the temple when heaven crowns the mercy seat, and countless other experiences of hours lifted above the humdrum of living. God promises that we shall mount up like eagles, sometimes to the upper pure air where sense and sorrow molest no more. These moments, if we allow the glory of God to shine on them, can be profoundly religious in their significance, giving a sanctity to events and experiences that we are quite likely to think of as being apart from God, gifts separated from the giver of every good and perfect gift.

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