Doing What Needs to Be Done

Someone young of years and hard of heart immediately cries out, “This is exactly what I do not like about all this babbling of religion. I want to be doing things, not waiting.” Our land, burdened by the ugly weight of its discouraging discriminations, needs bold action from fearless people who will cut it loose from its old chains. “We’ve waited too long already” some say. Ah, and thinking that is to miss the point. The kind of expectant waiting, the kind of exciting tarrying about which the Bible speaks is not the idleness of expecting our dreams to fall full-grown from the skies. Not ever! No, rather is meant that confidence, while toiling, that God will strengthen and hold when our arms grow weary and our footsteps are labored and slow. The kind of waiting the Bible means is that of a beleaguered army, shaken by the fierce assaults of the enemy but fighting still. Fighting, doing what needs to be done, but with one eye glancing toward the hills, sure that reinforcements are already storming to our aid. Waiting while working, or better still, confident and expectant while doing what needs to be done, would better describe the Bible’s intention.

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