Heart Exam

Reading: Psalm 32

Reflection: When it comes down to it, we are not able to overcome
the darkness within us. We do not have the capacity to live the way
we know we should. If we live in denial, hiding from our sinfulness
and pretending that we’re fine as we are, we leave ourselves open
for our worst selves to control and direct us. But, when we
acknowledge that we need a strength beyond us and we are willing
to do the work of transformation, then God’s Spirit is able to work
within us, change us, and lead us to live as our best selves.
This is the spirit of today’s Psalm. The writer rejoices in God’s
forgiveness because he has experienced it first hand. But, it was not
his first response to his sin. Instead, he tried to hide it and pretend
that there was nothing to confess. The consequence of this denial
was a physical and emotional turmoil that took its toll on his health
and wellbeing. But, when he finally relented and admitted his
brokenness, healing came, and he found life and freedom in God’s
loving grace. This is why he sings that God is a hiding place where
he is protected and where songs of deliverance and victory are the
norm. This is the free gift of God’s grace that is available to all of us.
What darkness do you need to confess today? And how can you
allow God’s Spirit to lead you to live as your best self?

Practice for Today: In order to be able to confess and find the
freedom God offers, we need to do the work of self-examination. If
we are unwilling to see what’s really inside us, it will be very difficult
to genuinely repent. Today, spend some time in stillness and self-examination as you open your life to God’s searching gaze.

Prayer for Today: As I examine my heart before you, O
God, release me from any darkness I may find there

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