Reading: 2 Timothy 1:3-7

Reflection: Faith is contagious! When we are close to those who
have a strong and mature faith, it inevitably “rubs off” on us. Paul, in
this letter to Timothy, reflects on two ways that the young man’s faith
has been nurtured. Firstly, Paul speaks about his relationship with
Timothy and how much joy they have found in each other. It’s
touching to see the care that this seasoned apostle showed toward
this young leader in the church. But, then Paul celebrates the family
of faith from which Timothy comes. He has a heritage of faithful
women in his life, and their influence has been profound. Timothy
was a fortunate young man to have such caring and positive
examples of faith, both men and women, to teach and nurture him.
But, Paul stresses that Timothy also has work to do in growing his
own faith. He is to “fan into flame” the spiritual gifts of God, and to
remember the power, love and self-discipline that God gives us
through God’s Spirit.
We all have the same blessings that Timothy enjoyed. We may not
have had family members who were strong in faith, but, if we remain
connected to the community of faith, we have lots of brothers,
sisters, mothers and fathers in the faith to teach us and nurture us.
We have also all received spiritual gifts from God’s Spirit, and we
can all fan the flames of God’s Spirit within us. As we do this, not
only do we overcome the darkness within us, but we also begin to
radiate the light of God’s glory to the world around us.
How can you nurture your relationships with those in the family of
faith who inspire and strengthen you?

Practice for Today: In order to enjoy the gifts of community, we
need to remain connected to a community. This means that we need
to gather with our sisters and brothers in faith more often than just at
church services on Sunday. This is why small groups are such a gift.
Today, take some time to attend a small group, or, if you can’t do
that, try to set up an informal gathering of some of your companions
in the faith.

Prayer for Today: As I gather with my sisters and brothers
in faith, Jesus, so my faith grows strong and mature.

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