Remain Mindful

Reading: Judges 6:11-24
: After years of being attacked and robbed by the nations
surrounding Israel, God’s people finally turned back to God and
prayed for help. But, characteristically, God did not choose a mighty
warrior, a wealthy ruler, or a famous diplomat to bring healing to
God’s people. Rather, God chose an insignificant young man from
an insignificant family. Naturally, Gideon struggled to believe that
God really intended him to be the liberator of Israel, and so he asked
God (many times) for a sign to confirm the call. Graciously, God
gave him the signs he asked for, and Gideon went on to free God’s
people from their enemies.
Like Gideon, we may feel that we have nothing to offer God’s
mission. We may have any number of good reasons why we
couldn’t possibly be the people God would call to participate in
God’s work, but if we allow God to reveal God’s presence and light
to us, we will soon realize that God can use any instrument God
chooses, and that it is God’s light, not ours, that is important. Then,
we can rest in the knowledge that only have to allow God’s light to
shine through us in order to touch others with God’s grace and love.

Practice for Today: The key to reflecting God’s light is to stay as
constantly aware of God’s presence and light in our own lives as we
can. The practice of invocation, which consciously opens us to
God’s spirit, is a good way to nurture this mindfulness. Go through
today with a prayer of invocation in your heart.

Prayer for Today: Keep me mindful of your presence and
light in my life, O Spirit of God.

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