As I Worship You

Reading: Psalm 15
As our reflection on living as “the light of the world”
continues, it might be helpful to note that Sunday’s Gospel reading
is the first part of the Sermon on the Mount, known as the
Beatitudes. This simple, poetic teaching of Jesus powerfully
expresses what it means to live in God’s light. Today’s Psalm
prepares us for that reflection very well. When the Psalmist speaks
of worship in God’s sanctuary, this is really about being intimately
connected with God. The Psalm seeks to answer the question of
who is able to find this deep relationship with God. This is not to say
that we connect with God through certain “good works”. It is always
God’s grace that opens the door to relationship with God. however,
like every relationship, intimacy with God changes us, and is
revealed in certain clear characteristics. So, in this list, the Psalmist
shows how we can recognize those who are in an intimate
relationships with God.
Those who worship truly are recognized by their commitment to do
what is right, and to speak truly and with integrity. They refuse to
participate in gossip, and they avoid anything that brings harm to, or
speaks evil of, others. They keep their promises even when it is
painful to do so, and they are generous and selfless. Finally,
because of their integrity, the have nothing to do with corruption in
any form. These are the ones who “stand firm” because when we
live like this we are able to navigate the world more effectively, and
our actions and attitudes bring life to others and to ourselves.

Practice for Today: The practice of worship – and all the practices
that are included in it – are not just about expressing love for God.
They are about being shaped into those who reflect the light of God
to the world. Our songs, prayers, Scriptures, symbols and rituals
teach us the habits of Christ like living. Today spend time in worship –
not just singing – and allow this time to shape you.

Prayer for Today: As I worship you, O God, transform me
into a carrier of your light.

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