Midday Meditation

Reading: John 3:1-17
Nicodemus, like the crowds Jesus had encountered in
the temple, had become fascinated by Jesus’ miracles. The
questions this had raised had begun to trouble him and so he came
to Jesus at night when no one would know he had been consulting
this disturbing preacher. But, when Nicodemus made reference to
Jesus’ miracles, Jesus dismissed them and went right to the heart –
the new birth which enables us to enter God’s Reign. In all the
Gospels God’s Reign refers not to life after death, but to a whole
new reality, a whole new world based on God’s love and justice.
What Jesus was saying is that, in order to grasp God’s reality, we
need to release what we know of the world and how it works to such
an extent that we become like new born babies – entering a whole
new world, with everything to learn and experience.
But, then Jesus spoke about God’s love that brings eternal life to all
who believe. Again, this is less about what happens after death and
more about how we see the world and live in it here and now.
Eternal life refers to the life of the new age when the Messiah has
established God’s Reign, and believing is about allowing our entire
selves to be captured by the new life. Like the snakes in the
wilderness which came as a consequence of Israel’s sin, so Jesus
will be executed by the evil in human hearts, but as he is lifted up he
reveals a new way of being – the way of love, forgiveness, grace,
and peace – and he invites us into this new life.
This is the essence of faith – being born again into a whole new way
of living.

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