The Amazon Driver Pausing To Pray For Baby With Heart Condition

It’s a quiet reminder of kindness and solidarity, as an Amazon delivery woman says a prayer and crosses herself before heading back to her van.

The gesture was recorded by Raquel and Derek Pearson’s doorbell camera and was made after the family had left a note attached to their front door, explaining the dire situation they are in fact in.

Their 8-month-old son, Lucas, has a congenital heart defect, making him high risk for COVID-19. To ensure they do not leave the house and therefore risk infection, the family order all his special supplies online.

In a note attached to their front door, it reads: “Thank you for delivering our food and packages to us. We have an infant with medical needs and online deliveries are essential to his health. You are helping keep our son alive and well.”

In an interview with the Amazon driver, Monica Salinas, she told Catholic News Agency: “I was delivering a package and I saw a message on the door explaining that the baby at home needed many things and was grateful for us delivering things. It touched my heart.

“I said ‘’Dearest God, please protect this family through your Precious Blood, and this baby, so that he may grow to become a man.’”

The prayer was captured on the family’s front door camera, and has since gone viral.

“It was just emotional to see a stranger taking time out of her day to pray,” said Lucas’s father Derek.

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