Simple But Difficult

Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

When Jesus stepped into our flesh and our world, we saw that God was not
separate from us, but intimately involved in our world. There is nowhere we
can go that God is not present. As Richard Rohr states: “God is either
everywhere or nowhere.” This Psalmist had seen these truths hundreds of
years before Jesus was born and he penned these words as he responded
in awe and wonder to the grace and love of such a God.

The writer notes that we are intimately known and loved by God, but he
also declares that all of our days are given by God for a purpose. Our lives
are not really our own, but are connected with God, with God’s universe,
and with the stream of history that leads all of creation into God’s
salvation. We are here because God wants us to participate in God’s life,
and in sharing God’s life with others. This means that our lives are not
about ourselves, and they only find their true meaning and fulfilment when
we give ourselves as an offering to partner with God in God’s saving

Today’s practice is both very simple and very difficult. The act of dedicating
ourselves requires little explanation, but it takes everything we are—or at
least as much of it as we know now. Today, try to dedicate yourself to God
in every moment, every activity, and every interaction—for the sake of
God’s saving purposes.

All that I have and all that I am I offer to you, God of my life.

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