Calling God a Liar

Have you ever called God a liar? Well, that’s what Jeremiah does in
today’s reading. He felt that God had misled him when God had called
him to be a prophet. God had not told him that he would be persecuted for
speaking God’s word. Nor had God informed him that he would not be
able to keep silent even if he wanted to in order to protect himself. And so,
Jeremiah’s life had become very painful and hard. Yet, he continued to
trust God, and he expressed his pain in a prayer of lament, which included
an affirmation of faith and a song of praise—as biblical laments usually

This kind of prayer is important for us to learn as followers of Jesus. If we
truly seek to live as citizens of God’s Reign, we will find that we cannot help
sharing God’s purposes and values with others. Sometimes our witness will
be welcomed, but sometimes we will find ourselves in conflict with ‘the
powers-that-be’ or with those who are invested in the status quo. At these
times we will need to reaffirm our faith, and to remember that God is with
us, protecting and strengthening us.

“Preach the Gospel at all times—use words if necessary,” said St. Francis of
Assisi. Jesus called his followers to be his witnesses. This was true for the
fishermen who were called first, and it’s true for us. Today, try to embrace a
practice of witnessing to Christ—either through Christlike words or
Christlike actions.

Help me to show others your ways, Jesus, in what I do and in what I say

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